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The Iwatsu ADIX is a fully digital voice and data communication system that represents the cutting edge of telecommunication systems technology. Smooth communication is one of the key factors to succeed in today's business,
and the use of the ADIX system, which can cope with vast and diverse information, will ensure that your business works well. Over 60 years of experience in the telecommunications industry have make it possible to develop the ADIX system. The ADIX system is cost-effective, since it is designed to allow easy expansion of the total number of ports by adding Expansion Modules, without replacing the entire unit. The ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification have acknowledged our unceasing commitment to the telecommunication industry.
By adding Expansion Modules (IX-EXPML1 and IX-EXPML2 (fourth shelf)), you can expand the system up to *472 ports. The ADIX-E can meet the needs of both large and small businesses. The system's slim body allows installation even in a narrow space.
*With T1/ISDN (PRI) cards. Otherwise, the total number of ports will be 432.
This system is also expandable by adding Expansion Modules (IX-EXPM) to the basic Common Module (IX-CM). Plenty of free slots in this system allow it to meet your specific requirements.
Telephones and Other Equipment
Five models of digital key telephones, one DSS unit and an attendant console are available for use with the ADIX-E and IX-450. UX-618 model telephones and other types of Iwatsu key telephones can also be used. Our new telephone set (Third KT) incorporates a sleeker, more streamlined design with added features to optimize functionality and maximize high-quality communication.

The improvements of the Third KT are as follows.

1. Wide LCD Screen and Keypad: you can easily see and operate the telephone.
2. Choice of Two Colors**: The Third KT and Direct Station Select unit (IX-DSS-3) are available in black and white.
3. Upgradability: Telephone sets without displays (IX-12KTS-3) can be upgraded to telephones with displays (IX-24KTD-3) by adding the LCD (IX-KTLCD-3) and 12 CO line key expansion unit (IX-12ELK-3).
4. Pedestal: Using the pedestal will allow you to easily adjust the angle of the telephone surface to one of seven positions. The pedestal is also used to mount the telephone to the wall.
X-12KTS-3 IX-24 KTD-3 IX-DSS-3(WHT)+IX-24KTD-3 X-MKT
**The Attendant console unit (IX-ATT) and Busy Lamp Field unit (IX-BLF) are available only in black.
Modular Design: The ADIX's modular design allows you to connect additional line and terminal equipment whenever you need them - without having to replace the entire system.

Free Port Architecture: Up to 472* ports are available for the connection for any combination of CO lines and terminal equipment, allowing you to develop the system architecture that's most appropriate for the scale of your business.

* If T1/ ISDN (PRI) cards are not utilized, total number of ports will be 432.

Networking Through E&M Tie Line: The feature enables communication between telephone systems over E&M tie lines. Intercom calling and call transfer between systems can be done simply by dialing an extension number. With the Key Telephone with Display, the extension number of the call in a remote ADIX is displayed on your digital phone.

DT/ Wincle Key Telephone: DT and Wincle series Key Telephones are compatible with ADIX systems. This makes it much easier and less costly to convert your DT/ Wincle system to ADIX.
Message wait and ICM lamp: Two lamp colors let you know quickly and easily when there is a message waiting (green) or an extension incoming call (red).

Dual-color lamp indication: Green and red lamp indications make it easy to see which line you're using.

Flexible key assignment: Most frequently used functions, including speed dial and/or DSS keys can be assigned to the function and CO line keys for quick access.

Full/Half duplex speakerphone mode switching***: You can change the speakerphone mode from full duplex to half duplex mode, and the other way around. (Third KT)

Multi-angle support: You can select the angle of the telephone from 7 positions. (Third KT)
Convenient Features
SMDR (Station Message Detail Recorder): Usage records can be printed for each telephone. They are also processed to calculate call charges.

Toll Restriction: Out-of-area calls and international calls can be restricted at each station according the service class. Various toll restriction tables are provided, giving you the flexibility to restrict calling numbers as appropriate.

Forced Account Code/Account Code: This function prevents users with no account code from using the telephone (Forced account code). Account codes are printed with the call records (Account code).

Password: An individual password can be specified for each telephone to limit calls to persons who know the password.
Hotel/Motel Features: The following useful hotel/motel features are available.

[Intercom call restriction]
[Message wait control]
[Room status indication]
[Wake-up call]
[Wake-up call report]

Attendant Console: Attendant console for operators is available.

Call Coverage: A registered station can receive an audible and/or visual indication of a call ringing at another extension. For example, incoming CO calls to a manager could be answered at the secretary's station.

System Announcement: Various automatic answering services can be played to callers. The desired message is selected depending on the application. Custom system messages can be recorded, allowing you to provide more effective customer service in combination with DISA and UCD features.

DID (Direct Inward Dial) Trunk Capability***: The ADIX supports DID trunks that are provided by the telephone company.

Remote Maintenance: Quick & easy programming changes and system diagnosis can be performed from a remote PC via telephone line. System diagnosis includes:
Programming Check-Sum  Memory read/Write   Software Overrun   Other Diagnosis
Advanced Features
ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)***: The ADIX Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system offers you the advanced call management capabilities you need to provide your customers with superior service, and improves responsiveness. Incoming calls are automatically routed and distributed equally, making for effective call management.

UCD (Uniform Call Distribution): When the ADIX receives a call for a UCD group, it searches for an idle extension using the Hunting feature. Calls are automatically switched to the next telephone in sequence if the first telephone does not answer in a pre-defined period of time. A System Announcement feature keeps callers on the line by letting them know that their calls will be answered shortly.

Voice Mail/Automated Attendant Integration: Most of the voice mail and automated attendant systems on the market today are compatible with the ADIX. ADIX voice mail capability provides effective solutions to advanced voice processing applications.

DISA (Direct Inward System Access): Direct Inward System Access (DISA) allows an external caller to access ADIX features directly from an outside line. For instance, an outside caller can dial to reach a particular extension directly through a DISA line.

Caller ID (Caller Identification Display)***: The ADIX is compatible with the " Caller ID " service. "Caller ID " is a new network service that displays the telephone number and name of the calling party. You'll know who's calling even before you answer.

CTI (Computer Telephone Integration)***: CTI is a new technology that connects the phone system to personal computers and LANs. Integrating your phone with your computer allows you to take advantage of many exciting new features. It makes telephone/voice mail functions more efficient and gives computer applications a powerful edge.

ISDN Capability***: IWATSU provides an ISDN interface for the ADIX series, based on its knowledge of interface design for the Japanese and United States markets.
***May not be possible in certain areas.
[88 ports]
Total number of ports:* 88/88
Station lines (max.): 64
CO trunks (max.):* 32/48
Dimensions (mm): 440(H) x 480(W) x 301(D)
Net weight (kg): About 13.5
[184 ports]
Total number of ports: 168/184
Station lines (max.): 136
CO trunks (max.): 80/112
Dimensions (mm): 730(H) x 480(W) x 301(D)
Net weight (kg): About 26.0
[280 ports]
Total number of ports: 256/280
Station lines (max.): 208
CO trunks (max.): 176/200
Dimensions (mm): 1,020(H) x 480(W) x 301(D)
Net weight (kg): About 38.5
[376 ports]
Total number of ports: 344/376
Station lines (max.): 280
CO trunks (max.): 176/200
Dimensions (mm): 1,310(H) x 480(W) x 301(D)
Net weight (kg): About 51.0
[472 ports]
Total number of ports: 432/472
Station lines (max.): 352
CO trunks (max.): 200/200
Dimensions (mm): 1,600(H) x 480(W) x 310(D)
Net weight (kg): About 63.5
* The first number indicates the maximum number of total/trunk ports when T1/ISDN (PRI) cards are not utilized. The second number indicates the maximum number of total/trunk ports when T1/ISDN (PRI) cards are utilized. Based on configuration and usage, actual numbers may be lower.
Total number of ports: 448
Station lines (max.): 400
CO trunks (max.): 200
Dimensions (mm): 200V: 2,032(H) x 1,090(W) x 310(D)
100V: 1,796(H) x 1,090(W) x 310(D)
Net weight (kg): 200V: About 142.9
100V: About 115.9
Common Specifications
Input voltage
ADIX-E: AC200 to 240V
IX-450: AC90 to 135V/AC180 to 240V
Maximum Input Current
ADIX-E: 80 ports: 1.5A, 168 ports: 3A,
256 ports: 4.5A, 344 ports: 6A,
432 ports: 7.5A
IX-450: 16A/ 8A
Dialing Conditions
Dial pulse (10pps/20pps), DTMF

Line Conditions SLT
24V: within 700 ohm including SLT
48V: within 1000 ohm including SLT
KT: within 40 ohm and 300m (loop limit)

Backup Battery
Voltage DC 24V, Internal/External: Option

Environmental Condition
Temperature: 0 to 40 degrees centigrade
Humidity: 10 to 90% RH
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