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(UX-618 KSU)
The Iwatsu Wincle, UX-618 Key Telephone System is a fully-digital system for smaller offices.
It accommodates up to 6 outside lines (CO lines) and up to 18 internal extensions. The Wincle incorporates many of the latest advancements in telecommunications technology. Additionally, its design provides maximum flexibility in system features and programming, combined with extreme compactness. As a result, the Wincle offers the small business owner many advanced features, yet remains economical and easy to install, program, and maintain.
If your needs grow beyond the Wincle system capacity, Wincle Key telephones can be used in Iwatsufs ADIX-M and ADIX systems. This enables cost effective migration as your needs change.
UX-618 KTD UX-618 KTS
DISA (Direct Inward System Access): An outside caller can quickly and easily access a desired extension without operator number after the system.

Single Line Telephone Interface: The interface provides support for up to five communication devices such as single line telephones, which can be used with no additional card or connector.

Remote CO Forwarding: An outside line incoming call can be automatically transferred to a pre-designated outside interface. Convenient at night or when users use a mobile telephone.

Voice Message: The system plays prerecorded/user-recorded messages when answering a call automatically, and provides DISA and Remote CO Forwarding services.

SMDR (Station Message Detail Recording): Detailed call records can be output to an external device, useful for call management.

Trunk-to-Trunk Conference: This function enables call between outside parties only.

Multi-line Conference: This function enables users to set-up a conference between two outside parties (CO line) and one extension.

Hands-free Answer-back On ICM: This function enables users to answer without lifting the handset when receiving an incoming ICM call by voice.

Station Restriction Password: This function denies outgoing CO call without a password.

Alternate Tone/Pulse Dialing: This function enables you to use services by sending DTMF signals even on the CO line of Dial Pulse type.

Automatic Repeat Dialing: To try many times to reach an outside party who does not answer, use the automatic repeat dialing feature. The system makes calls according to the preset re-dial interval, ringing duration and number of attempts.

Service Class (Toll Restriction): This function enables users to restrict calling for each telephone set. It is impossible to call any destination outside the preset areas, and this function is effective to prohibit authorized use.

Power Failure Telephone: The power-failure telephone is used to place and receive call on a CO line in case of power failure.
Capacity Initially equipped Maximum
CO line 3 6
Intercom line 8 18
Key telephone 7 17
Single line telephone 1 5
Door-hone 5 15
Dimensions & Net weight 510(H) x 380(W) x 95(D)mm 4.0
Input Voltage AC 90 to 120V or AC 180 to 264V  
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