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About Iwatsu
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1.Printing Systems
「IWATSU is a pioneer in the Quick Print industry, We grow with our customers.」

Moving ahead with the diversification of business communication through technological innovation for the handling of colorization and digital data in the printing industry.Since IWATSU entered the market in 1961, we have made the change from dry process to wet process reprographic systems, and introduced digitalization, always keeping our market share at number one. In the future we will continue to move with the market and the printing business.
  Printing Systems
2.Test and Measurement Equipment
「We offer world-class measurement technology for leading technology research and development that can push the electronics industry into new frontiers.」

First Japan, next the world - 60 years of the oscilloscope. IWATSU measurement instruments are used in a wide range of industries for research and development.We constantly endeavour high-performance and multi-functionality in our products, and offer a product lineup that takes advantage of both analog and digital technology. We back up the industrial research of today by building the foundation for the technology of tomorrow.
  Test and Measurement Equipment
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