White Ink Printing Available

Enables to express various design on evaporated aluminum films or transparency films by using white ink. Also suitable for high concealment printing.
The EM-250W is so effective for high-value labels.


The EM-250W can drastically reduce the wasted paper or film in test print compared to conventional label printing machine, also no materials for print-ready plate are required.
The EM-250W generates less wastage and offers ECO-Friendly printing.

High Productivity for Mass Production

Short- to medium-run printing about 10,000 sheets per job can be printed by high-speed printing at maximum 50 meters per minute. High-resolution printing at 1,200 dpi is available at 25 meters per minutes.
The EM-250W has enough productivity for mass production.

Front open/close Rewinder side open/close
Front open/close Rewinder side open/close

Variable Dot Output

4 different sizes of droplet ensure the creation of high quality images with smooth gradations.

Elongated Printing

Elongated printing (up to 220mm x 2meters per job file), unique to digital printing, is available. You can print elongated printing seamlessly by setting the image margins to 0mm as long as the paper or film lasts.

Front open/close figure
Example of 220mm * 2000mm elongated printing
Example of 220mm * 2000mm variable printing

Variable Printing and Over-Printing on pre-printed Label

The EM-250W supports variable printing of different data. Data such as names, numbers, barcodes, and any kinds of images are variably-printable by not only black color but also full color. Over-printing on pre-printed label is also available by reading timing marks. Variable printing on existing labels creates added-value and it leads to expand your scope of business.

No Special Paper or Film

Compatible with papers and/or films in current use (*). Also pre-coating is not required.

*Recommend preliminary test printing. As the character of paper or film is variable, Iwatsu does not guarantee quality on the paper or film you use.

Easy Maintenance

The EM-250W automatically cleans its inkjet print heads which is important for printng performance. Other components require regular cleaning process only.

Color Management

The EM-250W supports ICC profile format for color management. Selecting the profile for paper/film by paper/film enables to correct the color reproduction. The EM-250W can output proofs from itself that will increase your work efficiency dramatically.

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