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Industrial Digital Label Printing System EM-250W


White Ink Available

The EM-250W supports CMYK plus White ink, which is essential for transparency film printing. This improves Printing Reproducibility, enhances Flexibility & Appeal of design, and may expand your priting business.

High Speed Printing

Enables high speed printing up to 50 meters per minute (*1) innovating Single-pass method with high speed inkjet print head. Flexibly supports short- to medium-run printing jobs.

Compact Design

Functions for industrial use are in its compact designed body. With due considerations to small-footprint, enables to derive its performance comfortably.

Reducing Overall Cost

The EM-250W can be introduced at a low price range despite its high productivity.
Different from conventional analog printing machine, no need to make print-ready plates nor color adjustment. The EM-250W helps to reduce your overall cost from various points of view.

Use your own Papers/Films

Special papers or films are not required for the inkjet printing system. The EM-250W is compatible with papers and/or films in current use (*2).

Easy Operation

You can print labels as though printing them by your desktop/laptop. Iwatsu has developed an application software dedicated for label edit, "Label Bijin". By using this application software, you can easily print the data such as "Variable Data".

*1Printing at 600 dpi.

*2 Recommend initial test printing. Paper or film characteristics vary. Iwatsu does not guarantee quality on the paper or film you use.

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