NoticeTo ensure safe and proper operation, read the "Instruction Manual", "User Manual" and other related documents thoroughly.

Our Digital Label Printing System is not suitable for the printing on any materials which may contact directly to human skins or foods, because our inks may contain trace amount of ingredients which are harmful for human skins or if swallowed. If any unexpected issues will occur by using our inks for any such purposes against above, we shall not be responsible for any such issues.

Do not install this system at a humid, dusty or wet place, which may result in fire, electric shock or malfunction of the machine.

Using this system for many years may cause a risk of accidents such as fire or injury due to aging degradation of either components of this system. To avoid such incidents, we strongly recommend periodic maintenace.

The EM-250W shall be installed on a flat surface that can sufficiently withstand the weight of the machine.

Copies of copyright works such as literature, music, art, painting, maps or photographs may only be made for personal or household use.

Due to product improvement and other, specifications, performance, apprearance and design are subject to change without prior notice.

Component data of Inks and Cleaning Solutions is described on the material safety data sheet (MSDS).

Dispose of consumables wastes in such a manner as required by local law and regulations.

The information contained herein is as of June 2012.

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