Q. How do I make a procedure from etching to printing by use of Elefax plates?

A. A procedure from etching to printing using Elefax plates will be recommended as follows.

1 Etching

  1. Etching Solution V should be used with an undiluted.
  2. It is recommended that an etching processor should be used usually.

When hand etching (absorbent cotton use) is performed, if the etching solution remains in half-tone screen part of a plate, it will become superfluous etching and white omission unevenness will occur in the half-tone screen part at printing.

Carry out hand etching, rubbing in as measures, so that a circle may be drawn, and wipe off after that the etching solution with which the half-tone screen part remained with the absorbent cotton extracted firmly.

-- Please print after etching promptly.

2 Arrangement of damping water

Fountain solution U should be diluted with water. The ratio is as follows.

  1. In the case of printing machine with two pieces of molton roller ... diluted 50 to 60 times with water.
  2. In the case of printing machine with one piece of molton roller ... diluted 40 times with water.
  3. In the case of the printing machine of other A3 portrait sizes, although it changes with its damping system, it is diluted 15 to 30 times with water.

Notes: The conventional fountain solution cannot be used for Elefax plates printing.

3 Printing procedure

  1. Set a plate to a plate cylinder. Please stick the plate and the cylinder well for dirt prevention.
  2. Start a printing machine.
  3. Wet in a molton roller uniformly, and then make the plate surface touch.
  4. Check the plate surface having got wet with damping water uniformly, and then make an ink roller touch, and start printing.

One point advice:

When the surface of a plate becomes dirty in ink at printing, clean the plate in the following procedures.

Absorb absorbent cotton with both the almost same quantity of a blanket cleaner solution and an etching solution V, and clean the dirty part with it lightly. The blanket cleaner solution for cleaning the blanket part of a printing machine might be recommended by the printing machine company and does not dissolve the plate surface and an image part.

After the cleaning, start to print after making a molton roller touch enough.

However, it may not recover completely.

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