LP-620Xe Notice




For safe operation of machine, read the operator's manual and other documents thoroughly.

Do not install the equipment at a humid, dusty or wet place, which may result in fire, electric shock or malfunction of the machine.

Disposal Consideration: Must be disposed of in accordance with local regulations.

Transport Information: Developers are classified as hazardous (flammable) material under United Nations regulations. U.N. No. 1263, Class 3, Packing Group III.

Etching solution V contains ferrocyanide. Waste solution must be disposed of in such a way as required by law.

Installation: The LP-620Xe weights about 160kgs. Place the LP-620Xe on a stand robust enough to sustain its weight. Be careful not to drop it during installation.

The information contained herein is as of December 2013.

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