Type Desk-top
Platemaking method Electrophotography, Liquid process
Light source Semiconductor laser (780nm)
Resolution 1200dpi
Maximum image width 317mm
Maximum image area 317*470mm
Effective image width 297mm
Effective image area 297*470mm * Plate imaged squarely along the plate centerline. * The area 10mm from the leading edge, 24mm from the trailing edge and 10mm from both sides are out of range.
Plate size Width: 230 - 330mm Length: 220 - 525mm
Platemaking speed First plate: in about 44 sec. Continuous: Approx. 5 plates/min in Maximum.    
Plate feed Automatic roll feed
Charging Double-sided charging
Imaging Flat scanning while plate advances
Developing Liquid process, Jet spray system
Developer density control Automatic
Developer supply Cartridge automatic supply
Fixing Panel heater


MPR-51, MPR-1
Developer LP-3D、LP-3C、LP-3H
Special functions ・Boldface function ・Output test pattern  ・Remainding roll length control
Power source AC220V 1.5KVA 50/60Hz
Dimensions W1,225 x D725 x H523mm (Except copy tray)
Weight Approx. 160kg
Ambient Operating Conditions Temperature:20-30 degree Relative Humidity: 50-70% (No condensation)
Interface USB2.0
RIP Express RIP (Harlequin) Platform:windows Server2008/windows Server 2008 R2
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