Iwatsu Printing Systems Release History

Iwatsu Printing Systems Release History

As the founder of electrostatic platemaking, IWATSU boasts advances spanning more than 40 years and a majority share of today's market.

IWATSU has the enviable position of being the sole Japanese manufacturer to produce everything from electrostatic platemaking systems to all supplies in-house.

As early as 1961, IWATSU developed the PC-301 dry-type electrostatic platemaker, and in 1968 we developed the QP-1, the world's first liquid-type electrostatic platemaker.

Introduction of these Elefax systems started a new trend in quick and commercial printing, leaving a mark on the industry history. Ever since, IWATSU has remained the leader, triggering a revolution in the printing industry.

IWATSU's combination of continually advancing technology and more than 40 years' experience challenges both today's and tomorrow's diversified market for electrostatic platemaking systems.

From the original quick printing field, Elefax has expanded into more professional areas of commercial printing that require high quality and productivity.

Elefax also serves inplant-printing demands for cost reduction and easy operation.

Since IWATSU entered the market of CTP system in 1995, we have made the change from analog to digital processing in the printing industry. Ever since, then IWATSU has been introducing new generations of Elefax CTP systems.

1961 PC-301 dry-type electrostatic platemaker
1968 World’s first liquid-type electrostatic platemaker QP-1
1978 Table-top platemaker PM-40
1983 PM-45 and PM-383, favorites of the quick-printing industry around the world
1986 PM-50 and world’s first tabletop A3 landscape platemaker PM-60
1989 Table-top platemaker PM-52V
1991 Dual-mode platemaking PM-61
1995 CTP LP-50 shown at IPEX, U.K, Iwatsu's first digital platesetter
1996 Table-top platemaker PM-55 and PM-65
1997 CTP LP-501CR at PRINT '97
2004 CTP LP-510e and LP-610e
2005 CTP LP-650X
2010 CTP- LP-620Xe
2011 Digital label printing system LabelMeister EM-250A for Japanese Market
2012 Digital label printing system LabelMeister EM-250W for Japanese Market
2013 Digital label printing system LabelMeister EM-250A & EM-250W for overseas Market


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